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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Black Radio Solidarity announces a relief effort to provide support and encouragement to the south Texas survivors of the recent devastating category 4 hurricane ,“Harvey.”

After making landfall, “Harvey,” a category 4 hurricane, cut a path of catastrophic destruction through southTexas; claiming the lives of 39 people and causing more than 30,000 people to seek temporary shelter. The devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey crushed several cities and towns in Texas, especially Houston. Untold numbers have been displaced, with the damage and effects still being felt. To pool the collective strength and voice of Black Radio, the Black Radio Solidarity: Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort is being launched to provide assistance and encouragement to survivors, families and first responders. 

According to Sheryl Underwood, host of Sheryl Underwood Radio and founder of Black Radio Solidarity, “The people of south Texas, and areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey, need our help NOW! They need basic requirements for survival – water, food and shelter. They also need a way to find out the status of loved ones. We want to use our vast network of radio stations, announcers and listeners to help connect resources to the people who are in need and get messages to loved ones.” She adds, “In times of great trial and adversity, Americans come together to help each other, one neighbor at a time.” 

How Black Radio Announcers and Listeners Can Help:
1. Everyone use their hotline toll free number & social media to let those displaced by Hurricane Harvey alert family & friends that they are OK.

2. Make DONATIONS to Trusted Organization like the American Red Cross (redcross.org) and The Salvation Army (salvationarmyusa.org) (Cash is flexible and requires no packaging or transport. Trusted organizations can make sure your money or goes to help those in need.) 

3. Provide UPDATES from local, state & federal officials and services on-air.

4. MOBILIZE churches, faith institutions and non-profits. During your show, highlight the work community organizations are doing to help; use your social media and every tool available to issue a call to action.

5. Continue the push to UPLIFT throughout this entire hurricane season (Everyone needs to be encouraged, from survivors to first responders and families who lost loved ones).

Underwood adds, “This is the time for all syndicated and local radio to use our resources, come together and support each other by mobilizing businesses and community service organizations to do good in the neighborhood.” 

The goal of the Black Radio Solidarity: Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort is to use the collective media voice of Black Radio to provide relief and encouragement during this time of need in South Texas and areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. If you are a Black Radio Station and/or announcer and would like to join the “Black Radio Solidarity Movement,” visit blackradiosolidarityday.com to sign up. 

For more information call 1-855-Sheryl-1 or visit www.blackradiosolidarityday.com. 

BRSD Previous Initiatives

Our Voices…United

The purpose of Black Radio Solidarity Day (BRSD) is to unify the collective voice of Black, urban, old school and hip hop radio – affecting positive change and promoting awareness over the airwaves. With a reach spanning the globe and millions of listers, we aim to use our influence to empower and inform our community. Initiated by Sheryl Underwood, BRSD understood that listners typically tune in to radio shows while driving.  To that end, BRSD has aimed to DRIVE SOULS to the following initatives:

Drivng Souls to Give to HBCUs

In 2017, we raised funds and wareness for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  BRSD wants organizations to band together under this good cause and make a difference in the lives of deserving students who need HBCUs to survive and thrive. Underwood says, “HBCUs need us now. We want to get everyone involved, so petition all politicians to include HBCUs in state budget, contact businesses, churches, civil rights organizations, Black Greek Letter Organizations and alumni and invite them to give.”

Drivng Souls to the Theaters

During December 2016 and January 2017, we promoted the breakthough blockbuster success, Hidden Figures.  We understood the influence of opening weekend and wanted to ensure that our linsteners supported this compelling movie based on true events.  To that end, we were elated to see this movie soar to #1 in the box office for two consecutive weeks.

Drivng Souls to the Polls

During the 2016 election cycle, BRSD founder, Sheryl Underwood, felt the call to unify Black, urban, old school and hip hop radio with a one-day national non-partisan “get-out-and-vote” campaign that included a 5-point call-to-action. The response was overwhelming. Because of this successful campaign, we now use this initiative to enlighten and empower our listeners.

…In solidarity

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